FAQs about the search functionality


In the simple search function which fields does the single keyword reference?

The site search allows users to enter key words or phrases which will then match them against the following fields:

• Report titles
• Alternative report titles such as old NI and BVPI titles
• Service areas
• Tags

In addition we have created a thesaurus to compliment the search function and alternatives to your search term will also be matched against the search fields.

Search is a complex area of functionality and we will constantly be reviewing what users are searching for and how they are tagging their content to further refine our search engine.

What options does the advanced search have?

The advanced search can either be used on its own or in conjunction with the simple key word search. Within the advanced search function you can filter the search results by:

• Report type (custom reports or LGA standard reports)
• Service areas (this list is the functions list that the sector has developed as part of the esd toolkit)
• Date reports updated
• Created by (for custom reports this is the author of the report LGA standard reports it is the source of the data e.g. ONS)

How do I find reports built by the LGA?

You can use the advanced search option and select LGA research as the author. This will give you a list of themed reports on topics such as health, transport or waste. In these reports uses will have the option to change the area being reported and in some cases the time periods and metrics being shown.

There are also LGA standard reports that display data about one metric in a variety of ways for a chosen area, these can be found via the advance search option.

How are tags and service areas used within LG Inform?

When a report is saved the author is asked to add relevant tags and service areas which are then used to improve search results; it is not always possible to cover the full contents of a report in a simple title, tags allow you the option of better describing the contents to help you and others find your report.

Service area tags are also used within notifications. If the user has specified areas of interest within their preferences, notifications are filtered based on this selection. Therefore, if you don’t tag your reports appropriate users that you share the report with may not receive a notification of it.

What does the favourite star do?

If you click on the star next to a report title, in search, notifications or My recent activities, the star will turn yellow and the selected report will be saved in your library for quick retrieval.

Where is the detailed metric view that was in the prototype system?

The reports that were in the prototype that were called detailed metrics view reports are now called LGA standard reports and can be found through the advanced search option.

Where is the headline report that was in the prototype system?

In response to feedback from the sector we have redesigned the headline report and its contents, the new version can be found through the link under the dials on the home page of LG Inform, alternatively you can search for the headline report in the simple key word search.

There is a separate report for each area type (county councils, district councils, unitary, fire authorities, etc.) to reflect the different areas of responsibility. These will be updated from time to time by the LGA to reflect newly available data. Each report shows a selection of metrics for a given area compared to an appropriate comparison group.

In this version of LG Inform there is also the option to create your own headline report using the components – dashboard types within the report builder.

Can you explain the difference between LGA standard reports and custom reports?

• LGA Standard Report – this is the same report as the Detailed metrics report in LG Inform prototype, it looks in detail at a single metric over time compares it to a selection of comparison groups.
• Custom report – these are report users have created and shared with you. You can also find reports on specific topics that the LGA have created such as waste or housing. These reports contain several metrics around a given theme.