Saving, sharing and exporting

FAQs about Saving, sharing, publishing and exporting a report


Who can see my reports?

Users have the ability to specify who sees which report on an individual report level. By default reports are private to the person who wrote it, however the author of the report can share any reports in a variety of ways.

How do I share a report I have built?

Once you have built and saved your report, you need to publish it before you can share it. Publishing the report does not mean that it is shared. When you have published,you can then need to access the sharing button.

When you select share there are several options –

- Private – Only you can access this report
- My Area – All registered users within your area can access this report
- Sharing group – You can choose from the sharing groups you have created
- All registered users - All registered users can access this report
- Individuals – You can choose certain people to share this report with
- Area - You can choose certain areas to share this report with
- Public - Anyone with a link can access this report

To create a sharing group or to amend an existing one, you can access your groups through Preference, My Sharing groups.

When a new person joins your area, if you have shared a report previously with that area, they will be able to view the report.

What does it means to share the report especially to the public?

If you share a report with the public it means anyone who views LG Inform can see your report without having to sign in. You can only share the report with the public if that data in it is published. You cannot share a report with the public if it contains provisional data, you can only share it with registered users.

Why am I not being given the option of embed code for my report?

You can only access the embed code for a report when you have shared it with the public. This is because when you have the embed code you will be able to display a copy of the report on a website so it must be public before you can share it.

Can you explain what publishing a report means and what are the implications?

You need to publish a report before you can share it. Once you have published a report you can go back into the report and amend it and then save it without publishing it. This means you will have a draft report which you can work on until it is complete then publish it and everyone’s version will be updated. This can be a useful way of updating a report where the basic layout of the report stays the same but the figures just update.

I have shared a report but have noticed I have made a mistake can I unshared it and update it?

Yes, if you go back into the report and then click on unpublish, this means the link will be removed from users library and they will not be able to view it. You can then amend the report and share it again if needed.

How can I share my report through social media tools?

When you have published a report you can then share it through many social media tools. If you click on the social media button on the purple tool bar you will be given a drop down list of the most commonly used social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

The social media tools will only be available if you have published your report and chosen to share it with the public. If your report contains unpublished data, other users will only see the data for which they have permission to see; therefore different users may see different versions of your report.

What are the different options for exporting?

When you export a report there are a number of options:
• Embed (if the report is shared with the public)

In addition you can export individual components as:
• JPG (rendered at 300dpi for printing)
• PNG (rendered at 300dpi for printing)
• CSV (Comma separated values, for Microsoft Excel)
• New report (creates a new report with this component)

How do I embed a report in to my website?

To embed a report, you must first share it with the public. After you have completed your report and shared it with the public, click the export button on the tool bar. This will then offer you the option to get embed code which you can use in other websites. If you are not offered the export button it might be because you have either not published or shared your report.

There are two sizes of embed code offered and the applicable size will depend on the website you intend to embed the report into. Available sizes are:

• Small – 605 pixels wide
• Large – 960 pixels wide

If I have embedded a report in my a website will the data in it update when you update figures?

If you embed a report externally for example on a council website, if the data is updated then your report will update automatically.

If you don’t want your report to update automatically you can set a specific date range within ‘metric options’.