Benchmarking local data in LG Inform

In addition to the thousands of published metrics we source from government websites, LG Inform was built to provide the sector with its own free benchmarking tool.

Working with East Midlands Councils we have been developing this next phase of the LG Inform story, with the aim of collecting local data directly from councils for benchmarking. This is a strictly voluntary process and the ambition is to, where appropriate, start to reduce the sector’s reliance on nationally published data either through collecting new data items or providing more timely access to existing data on a provisional basis by collecting data in-year, for example on a quarterly basis.


The results of the quarter two upload are now available in LG Inform – please see a summary report here. Please note that you will need to be signed in to LG Inform to view this report, this facility is available to councillors and staff using a council email address.  The data will be made publically available in due course. 


Quarter 3 2016/17 summary report now available 


Alternatively you can view an anonymised version for reuse in public reports or a rolling four quarters report showing your authority against a comparison group of your choice.

If you would like to see whether your council provided data in Q3 2016/17, you can view this list of participating councils. Remember even if your council did not participate, you can get involved in the next quarter.


For more information on benchmarking within LG Inform see the following pages:


·         Accessing data 

·         Submitting data 

·         Metrics consultation 

·         How to keep up to date