Resident satisfaction

‘Are you being served’: Benchmarking resident satisfaction survey results in LG Inform

The LGA has produced guidance for councils who are carrying out general population surveys and would like to include questions on resident satisfaction, crime and cohesion, and benchmark these results against other councils in LG Inform.

The guidance outlines a set of questions and the criteria that would need to be met to ensure that these questions can be benchmarked against other councils who have also followed the guidance.
This is a flexible approach, designed to suit local circumstances and minimise the cost to councils of collecting the data by allowing them to use only those questions that are of interest locally, and fit these questions in with existing survey plans, whilst also helping to maximise the benefit and insight that can be gained from this data by making it broadly comparable.

If you would like to run a survey in line with the guidance, the question set, guidance document and upload timetable can be accessed here: click here for the guidance

If you would like to upload resident satisfaction data for benchmarking in LG Inform, please request a link to the upload form here: click here to request an upload form

To view a summary report of results, please visit the following LG Inform report: click here to view the summary report. Please note, to access pre-release local authority data you must be signed in to LG Inform.

Councils planning to commission a resident satisfaction survey may be interested in this list of research companies who are familiar with the guidance: click here to access the list

If you wish to build your own reports in LG Inform using this data, a help guide with tips for doing so can be found here: click here for the help guide

You can also join the LG Inform Knowledge Hub group for updates on this project: