Online training


Are you interested in learning more about LG Inform or LG Inform Plus? If so, why not sign up for our online training session. The sessions are quick, direct and easily accessible from the comfort of your own desk. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the system, tools and data.

One of our trusted data analyst will happily help broaden your understanding of the system and answer all of your questions in this 30 minute, bitesize training session.

You will be sent a phone number so you can join a conference call and a URL so you will be able to see our computer screen, then in the session we will work through various sections of the site to show you how it works. 

Subject headers on this page are PDF help guides, which you can download. 

If you are interested in attending any of the sessions below please email


LG Inform


Public access & home page and search & standard reports  13th Nov 11am, 5th Dec 11am and 17th Jan 11am

The homepage and search session, goes through several sections of LG Inform:

·         Public access - home page, headline reports and metric reports

·         Register users areas – home page

·         All users – search


Creating groups - Sharing groups and display & comparison groups  15th Nov 11am, 12th Dec 2pm and 22nd Jan 11am

The groups session covers how to create and use sharing, display and comparison groups:

  • Sharing groups, which contain one or more people or organisations you want to share a report with.
  • A display group, which is a group of authorities that are shown on a component. For example, all authorities in the North East, so that each authority’s data is displayed separately.
  • A comparison group, which is used to calculate summary statistics for a group of authorities. For example, the average population of all authorities in the North East.


Report builder – building a report  20th Nov 2pm, 4th Dec 2pm and 15th Jan 11am

Our report builder session take you through the process of building and saving a report in LG Inform. A report can be made up of just one component, a text box, chart, map or table or several components.  


Personalisation  27th Nov 11am, 18th Dec 11am and 23rd Jan 11am

This session covers the many areas of LG Inform that can be personalised by registered users such as:

  • Adding Logos
  • Personalised Dashboard
  • Comparison Groups
  • Areas Of Interest
  • Personalised profiles


LG Inform Plus


Search and metrics report 13th Nov 2pm

This session outlines processes behind utilising the search engine tool to identify reports and data by a variety of metrics on the LG Inform Plus website. The data for each metric can be viewed in a prebuilt report, and subscribers can see all reports containing that specific metric.


Report builder 

This session takes you through the process of building a basic report in LG Inform, as well as covering the additional features available to LG Inform Plus subscribers. 


Power and duties and Records retention 12th Nov 11am, 6th Dec 11am and 14th Jan 11am

This session talks you through the Powers and duties section of the LG Inform Plus website, which is designed to provide English and Welsh councils with guidance and information on what they have the power to do, and what is required of them by law.

By law, councils are required to keep records for a certain period of time, depending on the category of the record. As the costs of storage, monitoring digital security and version controls, compliance with Freedom of Information (FoI) requests and the possibility of hefty fines can be considerably high, this section of the web site is designed to provide guidance to those dealing with records retention.


Records of Processing Activities (GDPR) 22nd Nov 11am, 12th Dec 11am and 21st Jan 11am

To meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) authorities need to maintain a comprehensive log of all data sets that contain personal information and details of the ‘legal basis’ for holding the data, how it is processed, with whom it is shared using the ICO specified details. This session show users how to download and maintain a RoPA for their local authority


My Local Metrics 10th Dec 11am and 18th Jan 11am

My Local Metrics is a data service allowing LG Inform Plus subscribers to add their local data items, or local performance indicators, to the LG Inform database for use alongside the 5,500 publicly available data items it already holds.

This session shows you how to define new metric types and upload their values for use within the LG Inform, LG Inform Plus and the LGI API tools. Once uploaded, these metrics can be used to create anything from simple charts, tables and maps to complex reports which will better reflect local needs and priorities.


Natural Neighbourhoods 16th Nov 11am, 11th Dec 11am and 16th Jan 11am

This session shows you how to create custom areas instead of standard geographies, such as community zones, for more meaningful reporting and greater insight. 


API  29th Nov 11am, 19th Dec 11am and 28th Jan 11am

Hear how to use our direct data feed to access over 5,000 data items for your performance reporting arrangements, or simply export them for analysis or your own reports.

Standards  email is you would like to talk through the Standards