Suggestions for new metrics

The East Midlands region started the ball rolling by suggesting a basket of voluntary local metrics which we consulted LG Inform users on.  This resulted in a small selection of indicators which authorities felt were not being covered in a timely manner by existing statistics.

We have seen growing interest in using LG Inform as a free benchmarking service and to maximise its usefulness we are keen to see the basket of metrics grow to meet the needs of all authorities.

Voting is still open for those metrics that didn’t make the cut last time or for new suggestions. As soon as a metric become viable (30 people vote to include it) we will add it to the basket of indicators for future collection.

If you would like to see new metrics in LG Inform, either fill in the feedback form, with your name, email, metric name and we will get in touch with you for more information. Or start a thread on the Khub with your ideas and let other councils vote on them straight away. We will review new ideas every quarter and when we have enough votes add the metrics to the list.