Submitting data

2018/19 upload schedule

  • Q3 2018/19 - collection window opens 10 January 2019 and closes 7 February 2019
  • Q4 2018/19 - collection window opens 11 April 2019 and closes 9 May 2019
  • Q1 2019/20 - collection window opens 9 July 2019 and closes 6 August 2019
  • Q2 2019/20 - collection window opens 8 October 2019 and closes 5 November 2019

Each quarter we will send the contacts we have a unique link for their authority. If you are already a key contact and do not receive a link for the upload period, or if your authority is not yet participating, please contact to request a link.

You can provide data for any previous three periods, alongside the current one, there is no need to request separate links to backfill or change the data from previous periods - you can now do that all within one form.

To see an overview of the data that was collected in Q2 2019/20, you can access this word document

If you would like to see whether your council provided data in Q4 2017/18, you can view this list of participating councils. Remember even if your council did not participate, you can get involved in the next quarter.

You don’t have to submit data for all metrics to participate, just those that are of interest to you locally. The upload process is designed to be very quick and easy, and involves simply entering your authority’s figure into an online form.