Submitting data

2016/17 and 2017/18 upload schedule

·         Q4 2016/17 – collection window opens 18 April and closes 11 May
·         Q1 2017/18 - collection window opens 18 July and closes 10 August
·         Q2 2017/18 - collection window opens 12 October and closes 9 November
·         Q3 2017/18 - collection window opens 11 January 2018 and closes 8 February 2018
·         Q4 2017/18 - collection window opens 12 April 2018 and closes 10 May 2018
From Q4 2014/15, the upload process was streamlined and this is the process that will continue to be used in 2016/17. The key differences from earlier collections are that:
·         There is no need to request a unique link for your authority. The link will be generated automatically for you. If you are already a key contact and do not receive a link for the upload period, or if your authority is not yet participating, please contact to request a link.
·         There is no need to request separate links to backfill or change the data from previous quarters - you can now do that all within one form.
To see an overview of the data that was collected in Q3 2016/17, you can access this word document